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To live up to the high standards required in facility and processes in the food testing & quality control sector, EFRAC's services are designed to meet the entire gamut of general, specific and customized testing needs. From farm to fork, the entire food marketplace has evolved into a diverse network of multiple channels.

EFRAC's advanced, state-of-the-art laboratories and equipment play a crucial role in the entire food value chain and the objective is to bring a systematic alignment to various business processes involved in food production and distribution. If preventative and safety control actions such as food testing are not understood, implemented, and embraced by all parties involved, not only is the quality of the food produced at risk, but also the reputation and brand value of the company behind it. It is precisely this need for quality assurance that EFRAC seeks to meet and address. Its new set of laboratory instrumentation includes specialty methods and the most modern methodologies.

The laboratory is now the only independent, integrated food testing facility in India that can provide complete international-standard end-to-end service and solutions.