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Physical & Chemical Analysis

Analysis plays an important role in assessment and maintenance of food quality and safety, both in industry as well as for enforcement authorities at national and international levels.

Knowledge of chemical composition of food is important to health, well-being and safety of the consumers. Similarly, knowledge of the chemical and biochemical composition of food is useful to the manufacturers in understanding the importance of various nutritional constituents so that the amount of essential nutrients may be maintained or improved during, and after processing.

The physical & chemical properties of food products have not received adequate attention from the food scientists, although a thorough understanding of the physical changes and principles involved in delivering food products from farm to consumers is essential.

EFRAC is capable of conducting physical & chemical analysis in various types of food and allied products. It has well-established laboratory with the latest equipment, and highly qualified scientists, following the standard methods.

We can undertake projects on:

Water: Food & Agro Products: Plastic Products:


Test Methods:

As per all national and international methods like BIS, IS, AOAC, APHA and customer supplied methods.