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    Alcoholic/Non Alcoholic Drinks & Beverages (Carbonated/ Non-carbonated)

    Alcoholic & Non-alcoholic beverages play a very important role in the dietary pattern of people in developing countries. They are regarded as after meal drinks or refreshing drinks. Most of these beverages are made up of about water, alcohol, sugar, flavouring agents and sometimes preservatives. These beverages are, however, highly prone to microbial deterioration if not adequately stored. A large number of bacteria and fungi cause spoilage as they can use the carbohydrate content for fermentation processes producing undesirable changes in them. The products of fermentation like acids, alcohols, diacetyls affect the organoleptic properties of foods.

    EFRAC’s microbiology department is capable of dealing with their exhaustive range of tests like bio-method validation, assay, sterility testing, preservation efficacy, microbiological limit determination catering to industries like Food manufacturers, Processors, Drug and Pharma, Ayurveda, Unani medicine and so on. At EFRAC, Food and Water department deals with various analytical requirements in a wide range of food and water matrices.


    • Total Plate count
    • Coliform count
    • Yeast & Mold count
    • Detection & Enumeration of S. aureus
    • Faecal Streptococcal count
    • Detection & Enumeration of E. coli
    • Enumeration of Pseudomonas sp.
    • Detection of Salmonella sp
    • Detection of Shigella spp.
    • Detection of C. perfringens
    • Detection of V. cholerae & V. parahaemolyticus


    • IS
    • ISO
    • BAM
    • APHA


    • Autoclave
    • Laminar Air Flow
    • Biosafety Cabinet
    • Incubator
    • CO2 Incubator
    • Hot Air Oven
    • Microscope
    • RT-PCR
    • ELISA