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    Toxic Minerals and Heavy Metals occur naturally in low concentrations in different Environmental Matrices. Moreover, human activities like Mining, Smelting, use of Phosphate Fertilizers, and Industrial & Vehicular Emissions too, contribute to the presence of these Metals in the Biosphere. 20 Minerals and 15 Heavy Metals are of particular concern here. The Heavy Metals diffuse into Food and combine with organic entities to form Toxic Compounds. Accelerated Bioaccumulation in tissues and low rates of excretion leads to gradual accumulation with symptoms manifesting late in the exposure.

    Highly toxic Arsenic, Cadmium, Mercury, and Lead are extremely significant in terms of Public Health. Dysfunctional Metals disrupt Cellular functions and cause Organ damage. CXS-193 1995 under the “General Standard for Contaminants & Toxins in Food & Feed” of the Codex Alimentarius Commission serves as the International Standard. WHO, USFDA, EC-EFSA, and Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) regulate heavy metals in Consumer products and Feed.

    Maximum Permitted Levels of Metal Contaminants have been stipulated under the Food Safety and Standards (Contaminants, toxins, and Residues) Regulations, 2011 FSSR. Regular high-sensitivity testing of these Metals is deemed essential at key points of the Food Supply Chain. Highly sensitive Instruments like AAS, ICP-OES, and ICP-MS provide great recoveries even at extremely low concentrations.

    Identification and quantification of essential Minerals in Human Food and Animal Feed help fix quantities required to be consumed daily and ¬figure out if, which, and how much of the assorted supplements are required to be added to the Food / Feed for making it wholesome.

    EFRAC performs all in Heavy Metal and Mineral analysis on a wide variety of Food & Pharma Matrices.

    Heavy Metals


    • Identification • Heavy Metals & Minerals Testing • Elemental Assay • Elemental Impurities • Dissolution Assay • Qualitative Test


    • Hydrogen • Nitrogen

    Heavy Metals

    • Aluminium • Antimony • Arsenic • Barium• Beryllium •Boron • Cadmium •Calcium • Cobalt •Copper •Chromium • Iron • Gold • Magnesium• Manganese • Mercury •Molybdenum • Nickel • Niobium • Palladium • Platinum • Rhodium • Ruthenium •   Selenium• Silver •Tellurium • Thallium • Tin •Titanium • Uranium • Yttrium • Zinc • Zirconium•


    • Iodine • Phosphorous • Potassium • Scandium • Sodium • Sulfur


    • National/International Standards
    • AOAC
    • USEPA
    • AOCS
    • ASTA
    • FSSAI
    • USP
    • FCC
    • ISO
    • GB


    • ICP-MS
    • AAS (GTA/VGA)
    • ICP-OES
    • Mercury Analyzer
    • CHNS Analyzer