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    Cosmetics Testing

    A “Cosmetic Product” is any Substance or Mixture intended to be placed in Contact with the Various External Parts of the Human Body (Epidermis, Hair System, Nails, Lips & External Genital Organs) or with the Teeth and the Mucous Membranes of the Oral Cavity with a purpose exclusively or mainly Cleaning them, Perfuming them, Changing their appearance and/or Correcting Body odors and/or Protecting them or keeping them in good condition.

    EFRAC has a wide range of Capability to analyze Varied Cosmetic Products like Skin Care Creams, Lotions, Powders, Perfumes, Lipsticks, Fingernail & Toe Nail Polish, Eye & Facial Makeup, Hair Removers, Permanent Waves, Colored Contact Lenses, Hair Colors, Hair Sprays & Gels, Deodorants, Hand Sanitizer, Baby Products, Bath Oils, Bubble Baths, Bath Salts, Butters and many other types of Products.

    EFRAC offers routine Preservative Efficacy Testing for various range of Cosmetics and Personal Care Products based on the Pharmacopoeias. At EFRAC, we have advanced equipment which is compatible with LIMS for enabling digitized integration of all the instruments through USFDA compliance software connected through a centralized server. Above all we have trained QA and CRM team to address various questions regarding guidelines, methods, and standards applicable for various product matrices and for various countries.

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    Cosmetics Testing



    • Physical Parameters (Description, Appearance, Fineness) • Sensory Evaluation • Adhesion Test • Blush Test • Pay off Test • Scratch Test • Softening Point • Foaming Power • Alcohol Content • Assay • Available Fluoride Ion • Calcium Thioglycolate • Cloud Temperature/Point • Colour/Clarity • Consistency • Moisture and Volatile Matter • Dye Ingredients • Free Carbonated & Caustic Alkali • Glycerol Content • Heavy Metals (Quantitative) • Limit Tests • Matter Insoluble in Alcohol/ Boiling Water/Cold Water • Melting Range/Point • Nonvolatile Alcohol Soluble Mass • Particle Size of Undispersed Pigments • Synthetic Detergent • Test for freedom from Boric Acid • Thermal Stability • Total Fatty Substance/Matter • Viscosity • Microbiological Testing • Tests for specific Organisms • Microbial Limit Test (MLT)


    • LC-MS/MS • GC- (FID/ECD/TCD/MS) • HPLC (FLD/ PDA/ ELSD/ RID) • AAS – (Flame, GTA, VGA) • ICP-OES • ICP-MS • IC–CD/AD/UV • Particle Size Analyzer • UV-Visible Spectrophotometer • Brookfield Viscometer • Polarimeter • Colorimeter • Pay off Test Apparatus • Penetration Test Apparatus • Scratch Test Apparatus • Tintometer • Abbe’s Refractometer • Vacuum Dryer


    • Indian Pharmacopoeia • Japanese Pharmacopoeia • United States Pharmacopoeia • British Pharmacopoeia • European Pharmacopeia • Bureau of Indian Standards (IS) • ASTM • ISO