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    Organic Acids

    Organic Acids can be found in various forms like animal, plant and microbial sources. A large number of acids are natural and major constituents of plant food. Acids may also be produced during fermentation or other operations.

    Generally, Organic Acids are weak acids as these acids ionise partially in solutions and have Carboxylic functional group. Beverage (juice & wine) industries utilize these acids for flavour, colour, and aroma enhancement and for stability and microbiological control. Legal & labeling, metabolic and functional research requirements necessitate food tests for Organic acids.

    Concentration levels of many acids at which they are detectable is high making them difficult to detect. Chemical entities with “high UV absorption rate” property in samples can interfere with the detection of target analyte.

    EFRAC’s facilities include different branches of research and analysis like drugs and pharmaceutical services, microbiology, research and development, trace and ultra-trace, analytical services for food and water, leachable and extractable studies, stability studies and many more. At EFRAC the dedicated analytical team is equipped with the necessity state-of-the-art facilities and technical expertise to ensure complete food safety for future generations.



    Organic : Acetic acid • Benzoic acid • Butyric acid • Caproic acid • Carbonic acid • Citric acid • Formic acid • Fumaric acid • Lactic acid • Malic acid • Oxalic acid • Propionic acid • Quinic acid • Shikimic acid • Succinic acid • Tartaric acid & Valeric acid

    Phenolic : Chicoric acid, Echinacoside




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