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    Climatic and Weather Forecasts are extremely critical for the functioning of Businesses. Meteorological Testing involves the measurement of Atmospheric Variables like Temperature, Atmospheric Pressure, Humidity, Surface Wind, Precipitation, Radiation, etc. Real-time Meteorological Data Help Support functions like Public Aviation, Marine Services, Agricultural Operations, Civil Engineering, Disaster Management and Rescue Operations, and Material R&D.

    Weather Monitoring Systems are either Wired or Wireless. Wireless Communication affords more convenience and is user-friendly in the case of Remote locations. EFRAC’s highly equipped Environment Division conducts Meteorological Monitoring based on an advanced Analytical Setup. EFRAC provides a Realtime Remotely Sensed Meteorological Monitoring Service for its Clients.

    Meteorological Testing evaluates Earth’s Atmosphere and temperature variability vis-a-vis weather conditions. Test of Climate parameters -Temperature, Humidity, Solar Radiation, etc. provide clues to weather conditions. Both wired & wired Weather Monitoring Systems are in use at EFRAC. Wireless access makes it convenient and user-friendly particularly in remote areas. EFRAC’s Environment Division provides remotely sensed real-time meteorological monitoring facilities along with advanced Analytical facilities to its clients.

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    Meteorological Monitoring

    Parameters Covered


    • Temperature
    • Humidity
    • Barometric Pressure
    • Wind Direction
    • Wind Speed
    • Rainfall
    • Dew Point

    Instruments Available

    •  Automatic Weather Station

    Reference Methods / Standards

    • USEPA

    • CPCB Guidelines