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    Drinking Water Testing

    Drinking water is a basic human need and as such, assuring the Quality and Taste of Drinking water is a must for sustained human wellbeing. The rise in Global pollution has increased the Risk of Drinking Water Contamination. Drinking-Water Testing helps detect the presence of Microbial organisms including Faecal Bacteria.

    Edward Food Research & Analysis Centre Ltd (EFRAC) is one of the few Advanced Testing Laboratories in India certified under ISO/IEC 17025 (NABL) Standards and has been offering a range of Drinking Water Testing Services to Clients and Regulatory Authorities.

    EFRAC’s Highly Equipped Water Testing Division is universally reputed for providing Accurate and Precise Water Testing Results within the Quickest Turn Around Time. EFRAC covers Chemical, Radiological, and Micro-Biological Parameters (MS2 Phage, Viruses, and Planktons) in the Sample Drinking Water Test.

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    Drinking Water Analysis


    Parameters Covered

    • Taste • Odour  • Crude Fiber • pH  •TDS • Total Hardness & Alkalinity (mg/L as CaCO3) Chlorides (mg/L as Cl) • Calcium (mg/L as Ca) • Sulfates (mg/L as SO4) • Nitrates (mg/L as NO3) • Free Residual Chlorine (mg/L) • Fluorides (mg/L as F) • Phenolic Compounds (mg/L as C6H5OH) • Cyanide (mg/L as Cn) • Mineral Oil (mg/L) • Colour (True) (Hazen Units) •Turbidity (NTU) • (mg/L)  Copper (mg/L as Cu) • Iron (mg/L as Fe) • Manganese (mg/L as Mn) • Zinc (mg/L as Zn) • Boron (mg/L as B) • Aluminum (mg/L as Al) • Arsenic ( Total ) (mg/L as As) • Mercury (mg/L as Hg) • Lead (mg/Las Pb) • Cadmium (mg/l as Cd) • Chromium (mg/L as Cr) •  Pesticides • [Microbiological]:  Total Coliforms (MPN/100 mL) • Pathogenic Organisms or Virus • PAH (mg/L) (ug/L) • Outsourced: Alpha Emitters • Beta Emitters



    Instruments [Available]

      • FT-IR
      • Hot Air Oven
      • pH Meter
      • Turbidity Meter
      • RT-PCR
      • GC
      • LC
      • Drop Tester
      • Gas Chromatography


    Reference Methods / Standards

    •  BIS
    • USEPA
    • APHA
    • IS 10500
    • ISO