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    Bakery and Confectionery Products

    Bakery products are an important part of a balanced diet and a wide variety of such products can be found on markets. Apart from physical & chemical changes, bakery products are susceptible to microbiological spoilage by bacteria, yeast and molds. Handling of post baking samples can quickly lead to fungal, microbial surface contamination as a result of exposure to airborne contaminants as well as equipment contact.

    EFRAC offers full spectrum of testing & analytics for this product category. Our microbiology department is capable of dealing with their exhaustive range of tests like bio-method validation, assay, sterility testing, preservation efficacy, microbiological limit determination catering to industries like Food manufacturers, Processors and so on.


    • Total Plate count
    • Coliform count
    • Yeast & Mold count
    • Detection & Enumeration of S. aureus
    • Detection of Salmonella spp
    • Detection & Enumeration of E.coli
    • Detection of Shigella spp.
    • Detection of Listeria spp.
    • Detection of C. perfringens
    • Detection of V. cholerae & V. parahaemolyticus


    • IS
    • ISO
    • BAM
    • APHA


    • Autoclave
    • Laminar Airflow
    • Biosafety Cabinet
    • Incubator
    • CO2 Incubator
    • Hot Air Oven
    • Microscope