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    Stacks are towering Chimneys used for the dispersal of Hot Air, Emissions, Particulate Matter, and Gaseous Exhausts emitted from Furnaces, Boilers, etc. At these heights, the Pollutants disperse over a very large area enabling ground-level toxic concentrations to be limited within permissible limits and not be harmful to Humans, Animals, and the Environment. The Pollutants need to be Identified and Quantified to
    (a) Evaluate Compliance with Respect to Extant Regulations

    (b) Ascertain the Quantum of Product Loss

    (c) Evaluate the Efficiency of Existing Pollution Control Equipment

    (d) Calibrate Continuous Monitoring Instruments. The Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act 1981, makes all Industries responsible to Monitor Stack Emissions at regular Intervals. The Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act 1981, it is mandatory for all industries to check the emission levels from the stacks within a regular interval.

    EFRACs Environment Division extends Stack Emission Analytical Services to all types of Industries. Regular Monitoring and Analysis make Performance and Efficiency Checks possible for Pollution Control Devices. EFRAC’s Stack Monitoring Team routinely collects Stack Samples to check for all Regulated Pollutants, including Criteria Pollutants, ‘Hazardous Air Pollutants’, ‘Volatile Organic Compounds’, and ‘Heavy Metals’. EFRAC also has special facilities for Sample Collection for Dioxins & Furans Analysis based on the latest Equipment and Trained Techno-Scientific Personnel.

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    Stack Emission Monitoring


    Parameters Covered


    • Temperature • Moisture • Barometric Pressure • Oxygen • Carbon Monoxide • Carbon Dioxide • Velocity • Flowrate • Particulate Matter • Sulphur Dioxide • Nitrogen Oxides • Acid Mist • Total Hydrocarbons • PCB and PAH • VOC & Semi-VOC • Dioxins and Furans • Metals

    Instruments Available

    • Stack Sampling Kit • Dioxin-Furan Sampling Kit • Orsat Apparatus • Flue Gas Analyser • EPA NO. Apparatus • VOC Sampling Kit • Barometer • AAS-VGA/GTA • ICP-MS • HPLC • HS-GC-FID • GC-MS MS (QQQ) • • HR-GC • HR-MS • lon Chromatography • Automatic Rotavapour • Auto Soxhlet Extractor • UV Visible Spectrophotometer • Analytical Balance

    Reference Methods / Standards

    • BIS

    • APHA Air

    • CPCB Guidelines

    • ASTM

    • USEPA