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    Coal, a fossil fuel, is formed by the Carbonization of submerged dead Plant matter in Swamps and Peat Bogs due to the Geological Forces of Intense Pressure and High Temperature. Lignite, Sub-Bituminous, Bituminous, and Anthracite the different varieties represent succeeding phases of the transformation process. Coal has multiple uses including Electrical Power Generation, Metal Manufacturing, and as Fuel in domestic Kitchens.

    Different Varieties of Coal are used for different purposes. Steam or Thermal Coal, is majorly used for Power Generation while Coking or Metallurgical Coal is used in Steel Manufacturing. Coal is Graded for Efficient and Cost-Effective Use. Gradation is dependent on their Calorific Value, Ash Content, and Percentage of Moisture.

    As such, it is necessary that the Grade of the coal be determined with respect to its Quality Parameters prior to its Sale, Purchase, or Use. EFRAC offers the full range of “Coal & Coke” Analyses so as to meet the requirements of Producers, Exporters, Transporters, and Users.

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    Coal & Coke Testing


    Parameters Covered

    • Gross Calorific Value

    • Moisture • Volatile Matter • Total Ash • Fixed Carbon • Volatile Matter • Particle Size • Ash Content  • Net Calorific Value • Total Carbon • Nitrogen • Sulphur • Hydrogen • Oxygen • Phosphorus • Heavy Metals

    Instruments Available

    • Bomb Calorimeter • HTE Furnace • Sieve Shaker • Thermo Gravimetric Analyser • CHNS & O Analyser • AAS-GTA/VGA • ICP-MS • Swelling Index Tester • UV Visible Spectrophotometer

    Reference Methods / Standards

    • Indian Standards (IS)

    • ASTM