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    Genetically Modified Organism (GMO)

    Genetically Modified Organism or GMO is any organism whose genetic makeup has been altered for added beneficial characteristics. GMO technology intended to design pest, virus, climate resistant crops to cater to demands of feeding burgeoning global population. Incidence of GMO in food & feedstuff can either be intentional or unintentional.

    GM foods either contain GMO ingredients or are those which have been manufactured using GMO meat or GMO agricultural raw materials. Food Testing for GMO is necessary as it is banned or restricted for consumption in many nations.

    EFRAC offers fast TAT and accurate test results with demonstrable compliance with statutory requirements. Our innovative and strategic layouts are designed to guide the global food and agricultural industries towards guaranteed Product Safety, Superior Quality at minimized risks.


    • Amino acids
    • Fatty acid composition
    • Vitamins
    • Metals
    • Secondary metabolites
    • Phytosterols
    • Carotenoids


    • PCR /RT-PCR • ELISA & Lateral Flow Device/ Dipstick


    • Proximate Analysis • Immunologic • Genetic