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    Natural and Artificial Food Coloring additives, whether in Liquid, Powder, Gel, or in Paste form, are a Dyes, Pigments, or substance that imparts Color when added to Food or Drink and are used both in Commercial Food Production and in Domestic Cooking. Non-food applications include Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Home crafts, and Medical Devices to enrich Natural Colors, to make them more attractive/ appealing/appetizing/ informative, etc., or to offset color loss from exposure to Light / Air / Extreme Temperature / Moisture, Storage Conditions. Colors also help consumers Identify Products on sight (Candy Flavors / Medicine Dosages), protect Flavors and Vitamins from damage by Light, and increase appeal thus making unattractive Food desirable.

    Seven Synthetic Food Dyes in the US and thirty-six Natural & Synthetic Food Dyes approved as Food Additives in the EU have had specific FD & C and E numbers allotted to them in USA & European Union respectively.

    Declaration on Color additions plus their common name or Version – I class name is required to be made on the product label in India. The Seven Synthetic colors permitted for use in India are: Ponceau 4R, Carnosine, Erythrosine (all Red), Tartrazine, Sunset Yellow (both Yellow) Indigo Carmine, Brilliant Blue (both Blue), Fast Green FCF (Green).

    EFRAC undertakes Testing of all kind of Artificial/Synthetic & Natural Food Colors.

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    • Total Dye Content • Volatile Matter (Chloride & Sulphate) • Solubility In Water • Combined Ether Extract • Water Insoluble • Light Stability •P Heat Stability • Alkali Stability • Subsidiary Dyes • Dyes Intermediate • Heavy Metal • Particle Size • Bulk Density • pH Value • Heavy Metal • NOTS



    • Chlorophyll (Green) • Caramel (Brown) Curcumin or Turmeric (Yellow) • Beta-apo 8′- carotenal • Ethyl Ester of Beta-apo 8′ Carotenol (Orange-Red) • Canthaxanthin • Beta-carotene (Reddish-Orange) • Methyl Ester of Beta-apo 8′ Carotenoic Acid (Amaranth) • Saffron (Saffron) • Annatto (Red) • Tonka Bean (Chocolate) • Coumarin • Estragole (Colourless) • Dihydrocoumarin (white/Pale Yellow)


    • Ponceau 4R • Carmoisine • Allura Red • Erythrosine (Red) • Tartrazine and Sunset Yellow FCF • Auramine O • Yellow G, (Yellow) • Indigo Carmine and Brilliant Blue FCF (Blue) • Fast Green FCF (Green) • Rhodamine B (Reddish-Violet)


    • AOAC
    • ISO
    • IS
    • FSSAI Lab Manual
    • FCC
    • USP
    • AOCS


    • UPLC-PDA
    • UPLC-MS/MS
    • UV-Visible Spectrophotometer
    • ICPMS
    • AAS-Flame/GTA