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    OXYGEN (O2)

    Oxygen (O2), a colorless and odorless gas is vital for most life forms on earth. Medical oxygen is essential in Hospital and Clinical care for Resuscitation, Surgery, and for various other therapies. Oxygen and Nitrogen or Oxygen and Helium mixtures are used for underwater Diving. Oxygen is obtained on a commercial scale through the Liquefaction and Distillation of Ambient Air at Air Separation Plants. A second purification process may be necessary if ultra-high purity levels are required. High-purity oxygen can also be produced through Water Electrolysis. Membrane techniques are used where Lower Purity is required.

    Oxygen is effectively used for Purifying Wastewater and in Sewage Treatment. Other applications include Sealing Glass Ampoules in Pharmaceutical Industries, Oxygenation of Water for Aquaculture, Steel Production, etc.

    EFRAC‘s Gas Division Conducts a wide range of analyses like O2 testing as per Client requirements based on Expertise in Separation Techniques and deep knowledge of analyzing unknown Chemical Compounds.

    efrac - oxygen tank

    Oxygen (O2)



    • O2 Purity, Water Vapor
    • Carbon monoxide
    • Total Hydrocarbon
    • Sulfur dioxide
    • Oil
    • BTX
    • VOCs

    • Carbon Dioxide • Nitrous oxide • Nitrogen dioxide


    • Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer
    • Total Moisture Analyzer
    • High & Low Pressure Sampling Kit
    • Gas Dilution System
    • Gas Chromatograph with SCD & PDHID
    • Gas Chromatograph with MSD-FID-FID
    • Gas Chromatograph with TCD
    • Sensory Test Kit


    • European Industrial Gases Association (EIGA)
    • Compressed Gas Association (CGA)
    • British Pharmacopoeia
    • European Pharmacopoeia
    • Indian Pharmacopoeia
    • Japanese Pharmacopoeia
    • United States Pharmacopoeia