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    Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is an Odorless, Colorless at Atmospheric Pressure and Temperature. It is a Slightly Toxic Gas and has a Sharp, Acidic Odor at Higher Concentrations.

    CO2 is obtained in Commercial Quantities from various sources as a by-product in the manufacture of various chemicals (mainly NH3 and H2), thermal decomposition of Carbonaceous Materials, Fermentation Processes, Natural Wells, Geothermal Sources, or produced from the Combustion of Fuels.

    CO2 Gas is used in Food and Beverages, Health Care, Rubber and Plastics, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Petroleum & Metals Industries. In the Food Sector, Beverage Grade CO2 is used in large quantities in the manufacture of Carbonated Beverages, mostly Soft Drinks. CO2 Purity is one of the keys to Beverage Quality & Taste Assurance. It is thus essential to check the CO2 impurities before being used for Food & Beverages. Food and Beverage Grade CO2 is puri¬fied as Trace Impurities make their way into Supply. The presence of Sulfur and certain Hydrocarbons in CO2 can be Corrosive, Poisonous, and Odorous.

    EFRAC’s Environment Division Tests CO2 to check for its conformance with requisite Analytical Parameters. Its Team of Beverage Gas Scientists with Industry-based experience has profound knowledge of unknown Chemical Compound Analysis and the necessary expertise in Gas Separation Techniques.

    The collected Samples are brought to the lab & are Quanti­fied up to ppb(v/v) levels for impurities & other trace contaminants using Sophisticated high-end instrumentation like GC-MS/FID, GC-PD-HID/SCD & GC-TCD. The Gases are analyzed in accordance with the requirements of ISBT. EIGA, CGA, IP, BP, USP, JP, IS, ISO Standards.