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    Star Award Ceremony 2023

    The EFRAC Star Award Ceremony for the Business Development Personnel was Organized at our Rajarhat Office on Saturday, 20th May 2023. A Composite PP Presentation on behalf of the Business Development Departments was followed by the Award Presentation Ceremony. The best five performers were handed Merit Certificates by EFRAC’S Director & CEO. They were handed Monetary Rewards in recognition of their Performances. The Awardees in Alphabetical Order of their First Names are Indronil Roy, Joydeep Banerjee, Kaushik Mitra, Saswati Dutta Basak & Sayantan Ganguly.


    Fun & Frolic marked the EFRAC Employees Annual Picnic held at the scenic “Apur Kanan” Garden House located at “Badu” in Madhyamgram, W. Bengal on Sunday, 29th January 2023.




    The EFRAC Laboratory Campus at Barasat was witness to frequent “Volleying” on 17 December 2022. BADMINTON TOURNAMENT

    This year’s Annual Internal Volleyball tournament had Scientists & Technicians having a field day setting up and blocking balls of various intensities volleyed at them.

    Players jumped, dived and fell down only to get up with renewed vigour & determination in their quest for glory.

    Witnessing & managing all and sundry was a short, jolly and popular Engineer known for his Chemical Robustness at tackling difficult tasks with a permanent, broad and engaging smile on his face.

    With Serotonin, Dopamine & Endorphins leading the way, the physically drained, mildly bruised and emotionally charged Players left the Courtside with a vow to return fitter & faster, next year.


    A Knockout Badminton Tournament organized at our Laboratory Complex premises on the 27th of February 2021 witnessed enthusiastic participation & keen competition among 20 Teams made up of members from our Employee & Staff Categories.  All Covid protocols were in place and religiously adhered to.
    The CRM (Registration) team played with passion and precision to run out winners in the final.
    This initiative of the HR Department enabled the participants to briefly let off steam from the daily rigours of their professional & personal lives



    Medical Checkup EFRAC believes & practices the concept that a sound body breeds a sound mind. Towards this end, a qualified & experienced Medical Practitioner has been engaged to enable Employees and Staff to avail hassle-free, routine Medical checkups within the Laboratory Complex itself.


    Covid Vaccination EFRAC joined hands with Suraksha Diagnostics Private Limited to administer 1st & 2nd doses of free Covishield vaccine to its Employees & Staff on 19th June 2021 & 22nd September 2022 respectively. This EFRAC initiative not ensures the health & wellbeing of its employees but also safeguards the interest of its clients by minimizing risks of microbiological contamination of work zone areas



    The Annual Award Ceremony held on 23rd of December, 2020 saw Star Performers of EFRAC’s Food and Pharma Divisions for the year 2020 being publicly recognized and felicitated for their selfless service and dedication to work.