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    Petroleum Oil Refineries

    Petroleum is formed by hydrocarbons with the addition of certain other substances, primarily Sulphur. Petroleum, usually named as crude oil, can be clear, green or black and may be either thin like gasoline or thick like tar. It is primarily used as fuel. Besides, it is also used in different sectors like transportation, drug 6 pharmaceuticals, chemical, polymer, different industries and power generation.

    The crude oil cannot be used directly as it contents many impurities like Sulphur, heavy metals, sediments, etc. It can be made usable through the refining process like separation, conversion, and treatment. EFRAC offers services to measure the physical and chemical characteristics of petroleum through its ultra-modern sophisticated instruments and highly skilled man power.

    Analytical services are provided for the following categories:

    • Furnace Oil
    • Diesel
    • Oil Lubricant Oil
    • Gear Oil
    • Engine Oil
    • Kerosene Oil
    • Petrol
    • Used Oil
    • Crude Oil



    • Parameters • TAN (Total Acid Number) • Total Base Number (TBN) • Water Content • Gross Calorie Value • Sulphur • Sulphated Ash • Sediment


    • Flash Point • Fire Point • Viscosity • Pour Point • Smoke Point


    • Auto Titrator
    • Flash Point Apparatus
    • Viscometer
    • Density Meter Bomb Calorimeter
    • Pour Point Apparatus
    • ICP-MS
    • AAS-GTA/VGA Smoke Point Apparatus Auto Titrator & Coulometer
    • Distillation Recovery Apparatus
    • Ramsbottom Carbon Residue Apparatus


    • ASTM
    • ISO
    • Indian Standards (IS)
    • International Petroleum Test Method (IP)