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    Food Processing Industry

    In Food Processing Industry various gases has been used in order to enhance the overall food processing system. Industrial gases come with several applications in Food Processing from boosting the productivity ratio of food production to maintain the nutrients of the manufactured Food. Besides, Nitrogen is the most popular gas which has been used in food packaging and there are other gases like Liquid Nitrogen and Carbon-di-Oxide which are used in freezing the processed foods.

    Gas testing is one of the essential part of food processing industry because monitoring of these gases can maintain the quality of the processed food items. Besides, gas testing can help in analysing the gas contents of the packaged food as well as the shelf-life of the processed food.
    EFRAC is NABL accredited testing and analysis centre offering various range of gas testing. EFRAC has World-Class Analytical Facility with 11 Regulatory Accreditations and 3 International Recognitions and has been providing testing and analysis of Industrial gases. EFRAC has highly upgraded Scientific labs offering gas testing focusing on the Indian Standards and International Standards for meeting the needs of the clients and Regulatory Authorities. 

    Parameters of N2

    • N2 Purity level • Water • Vapour • Oxygen • Carbon Monoxide • Carbon-di-oxide • Total Hydrocarbons • Sensory Evaluation • Nitrous Oxide • Nitrogen di-oxide • BTX

    Parameters of He 


    • He purity • Methane level • Carbon Monoxide • Particle Count • Particle Concentration • Sulphur-di-oxide • BTX • Oil • VOCs


    • Nitrous Oxide • Nitrogen-di-oxide • Carbon Dioxide

    Parameters of O2

    • O2 purity level • Water • Vapour • Carbon Monoxide • Nitrogen-di-oxide • Nitrous Oxide • BTX

    Parameters of Argon (Ar)

    • Argon Purity • Identification • Water • Vapour • Carbon Monoxide • Oxygen ratio


    • Total Moisture Analyser
    • HPLC
    • Gas Chromatography
    • TGA (Thermogravimetric Analysis)
    • Ion Chromatography
    • Total Hydrocarbon Analyser
    • High & Low Pressure Sampling Kit


    • Compressed Gas Association
    • Indian Pharmacopeia
    • IS
    • ISO
    • BAM
    • FDA
    • FSSAI
    • APHA