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    Antimicrobial Preservatives are Product Additives that protect them from Microbiological Growth and from Microorganisms that may be introduced inadvertently during or subsequent to the Manufacturing Process. They deter the Ingress or Growth of Micro-organisms during/ after Manufacture or subsequently, during the handling of Multiple-Dose Containers. Microbes cause Product Spoilage and reduce its Shelf-Life. More importantly, the Potential for Contamination for End-users with Potentially Pathogenic Strains (those that cause dangerous Diseases) can greatly increase in their Absence. Cosmetics are well known for their ability to Support Microbial Growth. Water-based Products with a Neutral pH have been shown to be the most Susceptible. In the case of Products Packaged in Multiple- Dose Containers, the addition of Antimicrobial Preservatives help inhibit Micro-Organism Growth that may be introduced during repeated withdrawals of Single Use Doses.

    Efficacy Testing is especially an area that highlights EFRAC’s Expertise. We at EFRAC, perform routine Preservative Efficacy Testing for a wide Range of Cosmetics & Personal Care Products as per different Pharmacopoeias well as clients shared Methods. With the most advanced ICPMS systems we can detect ppm levels of elements like mercury, cadmium, zinc and so on in microseconds.

    In order to retain data confidentiality and traceability, EFRAC’s equipment is compatible with LIMS which enables digitized integration of all the instruments through USFDA compliance software connected through a centralized server.

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