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    Cement is the Principal Material in all Construction Projects whether Industrial, Infrastructural, Transportation, Township Development, or Housing Complex etc. Cement is produced by the Calcination of Limestone in the Lime Kiln that is subsequently blended with Additives.

    Types of Cement include Ordinary Portland Cement, Portland Pozzolana Cement, White Portland Cement, Sulphate-Resistant Cement, Portland Slag Cement, High Alumina Cement, etc. All these varieties need to cater to specific Regulatory Standards in respect of their Physical and Chemical Qualities.

    EFRAC provides World-class Services for Cement Quality Analysis for Manufacturers and End-users. EFRACs Environment Division Tests Cement Quality with highly sophisticated Modern and Automated Instruments operated by a Highly Skilled Team of Professional Scientists. EFRAC’s Analytical Services for Raw Material Testing are also on Offer. Materials Tested include Limestone, Dolomite, Gypsum, Fly Ash, Clay, etc.

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    Cement Testing


    Parameters Covered

    • Insoluble Residue • Silicon Dioxide as SiO • Alumina as Al2O3 • Magnesia as MgO • Ferric Oxide as FeO • Calcium Oxide as CaO • Chloride as Cl • Sulphur Trioxide as SO

    • Loss on Ignition (LOI) • Sodium Oxide as Na2O• Potassium Oxide as K2O • Ammonium Hydroxide Group • Titanium Dioxide as TiO2 • Zinc Oxide as ZnO

    Instruments Available

    • AAS-GTA/VGA • ICP-MS • Analytical Balance • High Temperature Muffle Furnace • Soundness Tester • Setting Time Tester • Whiteness Tester • Hardness Tester

    Reference Methods / Standards

    • IS • ASTM • ISO