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    Medical Compressed Air and Gas Testing

    Medical Air is the clean and compressed air utilised in hospitals and in overall healthcare industry for offering medical gases. Medical Compressed Air needs comes with no contamination and particles and did not have any kind of Odour. Medical Gas Concentration Test can signify the purity and quality of the medical gas for the medical treatments. Medical Gas Testing needs to cover the regulations of NFPA 99 Healthcare Facilities for analysing the medial air purity in the standard way. In Healthcare Industry, some common gases like Oxygen, Nitrogen gas, Nitrous Oxide, Helium Gas and many more have been utilised in various treatment processes.

    Medical Gas testing is quality assessment in terms of purity of the medical gases such as medical air, dental air and oxygen for offering appropriate medical compressed air for the healthcare treatment process. Besides this, Regular testing is important for verifying and protecting pipelines, patients and equipment’s.
    EFRAC is highly advanced Food Research and Analysis Centre with NABL Accreditation has been providing gas testing for the producers and users. EFRAC has World-Class Analytical Facility with Quickest Turn Around Time (TAT) in the industry. The Highly Skilled manpower of EFRAC has been offering standard analysis of the Medical Air.

    Parameters of Medical Gas Testing

    • O2 Purity
    • CO2 Content
    • CO Content
    • Moisture and Vapour


    • GC-MS/MS • TSC Analyser • ICP-MS • FTIR • CHNS Analyser


    • Compressed Gas Associations • Indian Pharmacopeia • IS • ISO