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    Proficiency Testing & Processes

    Proficiency Testing is the evaluation of the Testing Processes of the laboratories in order to ensure the authenticity of the results supplied by the laboratories. Proficiency Testing or PT is very essential for analysing the Quality of the scientific phases applied within the laboratories. Proficiency Testing can help in determining the performances of different laboratories through specific tests and measurements. For any Testing Lab, it is important to meet the Regulations and Guidelines of ISO/IEC17025 for maintaining the Quality Assurance of the laboratory tests. The International Standards points out the basic requirements for the Proficiency Testing.

    EFRAC is NABL approved Testing and Analysis Lab of Proficiency Test Provider has been working on this industry for several years. EFRAC has ISO/IEC 17043:2010 Accreditation with World-Class Facility for various range of Tests and Analysis. Our International participation like the PT program, competitor mapping, capability building and so on ensure that EFRAC’s standards are compliant with all global requirements.

    Services Offered by EFRAC

    • Water Testing (PCBs & PAHs)
    • Spices and Condiments (General Parameters & Minerals)
    • Carbonated Beverages (General Parameters & Minerals)
    • Fruits & Vegetables (General Parameters & Minerals)
    • Food Products (Pesticide Residues, Metals)
    • Meat and Meat Products (Pesticide Residue, Antibiotics)
    • Egg & Egg Products (Pesticide Residues, PCB, Antibiotics)


    • ISO Accreditation
    • Parameter selection
    • Used Sample Materials
    • Test Designing
    • Handling of the Proficiency Testing Materials
    • Investigation of the Bias results
    • Accuracy Checking of the Proficiency Test Results

    Benefits of Proficiency testing

    • PT testing results are utilised for Validation
    • PT ensures the Competency of the Accredited Labs
    • PT increases Quality Assurances of the Labs
    • PT enhances the Scopes of the Accredited Labs
    • PT helps the Labs in handling the Analytical Metrics

    Standards of Proficiency Testing

    • Air PT
    • Microbiology
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • DMR-QA
    • Solids/Soil Hazardous Waste
    • Water Pollution/Waste Water
    • Water Supply/Drinking Water


    • NABL Lab Manual • FSSAI • FDA