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    Atmosphere, Hydrosphere, Biosphere, Lithosphere, and Cryosphere are the Five Spheres of the Earth System. Environmental Monitoring helps to detect Baseline Patterns and Patterns of Change in the Inter and Intra-process Relationships between and within these Spheres. Air, Water, and Soil Sampling for Environmental Monitoring produces Data for Analysis of the State and Composition of the Environment and its Processes.

    Evaluating the quality of Raw materials & final products is not limited to evaluating their function and performance. The quality must be confirmed before the intended use of raw material & product. Environmental testing not only confirms quality through tests such as simulation testing and product life testing, it also can truly be called the indispensable prerequisite to quality assurance.

    EFRAC undertakes Environmental Monitoring Analysis with Contemporary Instruments. Instrumentation includes Automated Robotics Functions, Data Loggers, and Qualified IQ, OQ, and PQ requirements. Test Methods are Validated in accordance with ISO 17025:2005 requirements. A team of Qualified Samplers conducts Scientific Sample Collection at Client Sites. EFRAC also takes on Environment Impact Assessment Studies backed by a dedicated team of Qualified & Skilled Scientists..