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    Indoor Air Quality Assessment

    Hotel, BPO and Shopping malls falls under the category of Indoor Quality Assessment as maintaining quality can help these sectors to offer better service to their visitors, customers as well as to the employees. Indoor Air quality assessment can also help in assessing the identification of the harmful particles in the air.

    Maintenance of the appropriate indoor air quality can help long-term health. Normally, the standard indoor air quality standard of temperature 22.8°C to 26.1°C and this particular temperature needs to maintained by the Hotel, BPO and Shopping Malls. Besides, there are several other standarity for other substances in the air. The standard ratio of CO2 in the indoor is 400-600 ppm and by maintaining this particular ratio the Hotel, BPO and Shopping Malls can maintain the standard level of the indoor air quality. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are one of the important parameter of IAQs which needs to implemented while doing indoor air quality assessment.

    Water Quality Testing is important for the Hotel, BPO and Shopping Malls as the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has set the Water Quality standards for every business sectors. Besides, the Hotel, BPO and the Shopping Malls had to Monitor the Noise while conducting their work process.

    EFRAC is NABL Accredited Lab Research and Analysis Centre offering testing and analysis of the indoor air quality checking for the clients. EFRAC holds 40,000 Sq. ft. of World-Class Analytical Facility for any kind of Indoor Air Quality Assessment.

    EFRAC has highly advanced faculty and equipment’s for Water Quality Assessment for the clients and Regulatory Authorities. Besides, Water and Indoor Air Testing, EFRAC lab has been offering Noise Monitoring for the Clients.

    Parameters of Indoor Air Testing

    • PM 10 • PM 25 • Oxides of Nitrogen • Ozone • Ammonia • Heavy Metals (Ni, As, Pb) • Carbon Monoxide • Fluoride • Hydrogen Sulfide • Oxygen • Hydrocarbon • Formaldehyde • Carbon-di-oxide • Oxides of Sulphur

    Parameters of Noise Testing

    • Decibels or dB • Leq • Lmax • Lmin • L1 • Amplitude • Frequency • Time-Weighted Average (TWA) • Insertion Loss

    Parameters of Water Testing

    • Alkalinity • Iron • PCB • PAH • Dioxins and Furans • Micro Biological Analysis • Temperature • Dissolved Oxygen Ratio • Conductivity • Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) • TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) • Total Hardness as CaCO3


    • Spectrophotometer
    • PCE-RCM 15
    • TOC (Total Organic Compound) analyzer
    • Gas-Chromatography (GC-MS)
    • ICP-MS
    • ICP-AES
    • Turbidity Meter
    • Conductivity Meter
    • TOC Analyser
    • FTIR
    • Real Time-PCR
    • Hygrothermometer
    • Barometer
    • VOC sampler
    • CO Analyser


    • IAQS • CPCB Guidelines • ASTM • USEPA • BIS • APHA Air • NIOSH • OSHA• NAAQM Manual