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    Efracians Organized Ganpati Utsav Celebrations 2023 with great devotion and fervour at EFRAC’s H.Q in Rajarhat.

    Logistics Department put their heart and soul into ensuring that all arrangements were in perfect order.

    Recovery Department took the lead in making certain that all Puja Rituals were conducted as per the book.


    “Shri. Shri. Vishwakarma Jayanti,” was celebrated with customary devotion and gaiety at our Laboratory Campus in Barasat.

    The day-long, In-house, Cultural Programme featuring EFRACs young Scientists & Technologists revealed several instrumental, dancing & singing talents. 


    The EFRAC family has been unfailingly paying homage to the Indian Nation in all years of its existence, especially on days of momentous significance such as “Independence Day” & ” Republic Day”.

    EFRAC commemorates these occasions with poignant remembrance, homage, and gratefulness to all our forefathers, and renews vows that we, the Efracians, shall continue to resolutely put in our best to attain that which these selfless icons had stood for; succinctly worded by Pt. J.L. Nehru, 1st Prime Minister of independent India:

    “At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom”

    EFRAC in its own way has been & shall continue to battle hunger & disease thrown at us by the Global Environmental Ecosystem so that the World becomes a safer habitat for all its Citizens. After all, India is the 2nd biggest granary in the world & without doubt, shall become “the World’s Pharmacy” soon.



    A knockout Badminton Tournament organized at our Laboratory Complex premises on the 27th of February 2021 witnessed enthusiastic participation & keen competition among 20 Teams made up of members from our Employee & Staff Categories.  All Covid protocols were in place and religiously adhered to.
    The CRM (Registration) team played with passion and precision to run out winners in the final.
    This initiative of the HR Department enabled the participants to briefly let off steam from the daily rigours of their professional & personal lives