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    Tea, Coffee & Cocoa Products

    Drinking tea and coffee constitutes a tradition which is deeply rooted in the culture of several countries. Moreover, in recent years, tea & coffee consumption is growing all over the world. Improper storage (long periods, humid environments) represents a relevant health hazard for consumers because of the growth of bacteria and molds.

    At EFRAC, the Food department deals with various analytical requirements in a wide range of food matrices including Tea, Coffee and Cocoa Products. The innovative and strategic layouts are designed to guide the global food and agricultural industries towards guaranteed Product Safety, superior quality at minimized risks. Our scientists of adequate expertise in separation techniques and have profound knowledge of analysing unknown chemical compounds. Specialists with industry based experience can analyze cases and deduce the root cause of reported problems.


    • Total Plate counts, Coliform count, Yeast & Mold count
    • Detection & Enumeration of S. aureus
    • Faecal Streptococcal count
    • Detection & Enumeration of E. coli
    • Enumeration of Pseudomonas spp.
    • Detection of Salmonella spp.
    • Detection of Shigella spp.


    • IS
    • ISO
    • BAM
    • APHA


    • Autoclave
    • Laminar Air Flow
    Biosafety Cabinet
    • Incubator
    • CO2 Incubator
    • Hot Air Oven
    • Microscope
    • RT-PCR
    • ELISA