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    Veterinary Drugs are Modern Drugs used within Animal Husbandry not only to cure and prevent diseases but also to increase Weight Gain and Tranquilize them during Transportation. These are used as Preventives, and Curatives, to facilitate Weight Gain and for their Tranquilization for Transportation. These are groups of Drugs that are used to cater to Preventive/Curative and Promotional Healthcare of Pet, Domestic and Wild Animals.

    EFRAC performs a Complete Analysis of all Contemporary Veterinary Products like Dip Concentrates, Intra-mammary Infusions, Premixes, Veterinary Aerosols, Veterinary Diagnostics, Veterinary Oral Liquids, Veterinary Oral Powders, Veterinary Tablets, Veterinary Vaccines, and Veterinary Parenteral Preparations along with Analytical Method Development, Validation and Stability Studies.

    EFRAC takes on 360 Analysis of all Contemporary Veterinary Products like Veterinary – Dip Concentrates, Intra-mammary Infusions, Premixes, Aerosols, Diagnostics, Oral Liquids, Oral Powders, Tablets, Vaccines, and Parenteral Preparations apart from Analytical Method Development, Validation, and Stability Studies.

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    Veterinary Drug Testing



    • Assay (Chemical and Microbiological) • Bacterial Endotoxin Test (BET) • Boiling Point/Range • Melting Point / Range • Clarity and Color of Solution • Congealing Temperature/Range • Distillation Range • Elemental Analysis • Enantiomeric Purity • Fatty Acid Composition • Content of Active Ingredient • Deposition of the Emitted Dose • Description • Disintegration Test • Dissolution Study • Osmolarity • Friability Testing •Uniformity of Content/Uniformity of Dosage Units • Phenol in Vaccines and Antisera • Heavy Metals (Quantitative) by AAS, ICP OES, ICP MS • Identification by FT-IR • Impurities and Related Substances • Limit Tests (Quantitative Estimation) • Microbial Limit Test (MLT) • Nitrogen Estimation • Specific Optical Rotation • Particle Size Distribution • Residual Solvents and Organic Volatile Impurities • Sensory Evaluation • Sterility • Steroid Assay • Sulphur Dioxide Estimation • Viscosity • TGA Analysis • DSC Analysis • Particle Size Analysis


    • LC-MS-MS (QQQ) • GC- (FID) • GC- (HEAD SPACE, ECD, MS) • GC-MS MS (QQQ) • HPLC (FLD, PDA, ELSD, RID) • AAS –(Flame, GTA, VGA) • ICP-OES • ICP-MS • TOC Analyzer • UV-Visible Spectrophotometer • Brookfield Viscometer • CHNS & O Analyzer • FT-IR • Ion Chromatograph • Karl-Fisher Autotitrator • TGA • DSC • Coulometer • Friability Tester • Hardness Tester • Disintegration Test Apparatus • Dissolution Test Apparatus • Penetrometer • BP/MP Apparatus • Potentiometer • Particle Size Analyzer



    • Indian Pharmacopoeia
    • British Pharmacopoeia
    • European Pharmacopoeia
    • Japanese Pharmacopoeia
    • United States Pharmacopoeia