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    Package Drinking Water Bottle & Pouch

    BIS Regulations make it mandatory for all Industries Producing Packaged Drinking Water and/or Natural Mineral Water to use Containers conforming to IS 15410:2003 & IS 15609: 2005 Specifications. Low-Quality Packaging materials may leach Toxic Elements into water that subsequently dissolve in Highly Polar water. The leached Elements most of which are Carcinogenic in Nature, adversely affect Human Health. Packaging Material Quality is Regulated by various National & International Organizations like the BIS and FSSAI in India, FDA and EPA in the USA, EN in Europe, and DIN in Germany.

    EFRAC, a NABL & BIS-approved Laboratory, is the Lead Service Provider for the Aqua Industry in India. It offers Accredited Services both in Packaged Drinking Water as well as for Food- water Grade Containers, pan India. The Test Reports are fully compliant with Regulatory Standards like the BIS, FSSAI, EN, USFDA, etc.

    EFRAC is NABL & BIS approved Laboratory for Container testing and we are the REFERAL Laboratories from FSSAI. We are proud that our container testing division is USFDA inspected Lab. We have a dedicated team of Scientist, Chemical Engineers & Mechanical Engineers to ensure the quality of containers safe for packaging of Drinking water or Natural Mineral water. Because of this, reliable quality control and safety testing are of paramount importance to every supplier, manufacturer, and distributor of water containers. EFRAC ensures that the packaging Materials meet the quality and safety standards of the destination market. Our fully accredited test reports ensure compliance with a number of regulatory requirements, including: BIS, FSSAI, EN, USFDA and so on.




    • Overall Migration/ Global Migration/Specific Migration

    • Material (PE / PVC/ PET/ PBT/ Polypropylene/Polycarbonate/ Polystyrene) • Design, Shape & Dimensions • Manufacture, Workmanship, Finish & Appearances • Ink adhesion test• Product Resistance • Odour/ Thickness/ width of film • Product resistance of printed pouches

    • Brimful capacity & Nominal capacity

    • Transparency

    • Leakage Test (Vibration Leakage)

    • Drop Test


    • Environmental Stress-Crack Resistance • Water Potability
    • Stack Load test • Tensile Strength • Dart Impact Resistance


    FTIR • DSC • Gas Chromatography • • ICP-MS/ICP-OES/AAS • Transparency Tester • Drop Tester • Hot Air Oven • Vibration Leakage Tester • Humidity Controller • Analytical Balance • Vernier Caliper • Digital Screw gauge


    • IS 15410 • IS 2798 • IS 4905 • IS 8747 • IS 9845 • IS 10142 • IS 10146 • IS 10151 • IS 10910 • IS 12252 • IS 14971 • IS 15609 • IS 2508 • IS 14500