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    Swab Testing

    The analysis of swab samples in a microbiological investigation can be an invaluable tool to help trace contamination pathways. This approach offers an opportunity to monitor bacteria around key infection routes. Various types of surfaces are used today in the food industry, such as plastic, stainless steel, glass, and wood. These surfaces are subject to contamination by microorganisms responsible for the cross-contamination of food by contact with working surfaces.

    The HACCP-based processes are now widely used for the control of microbial hazards to prevent food safety issues. This preventive approach has resulted in the use of microbiological analyses of surfaces as one of the tools to control the hygiene of products. The method of recovering microorganisms from different solid surfaces is swab sampling.

    EFRAC’s facilities include different branches of research and analysis like drugs and pharmaceutical services, microbiology, research and development, trace and ultra-trace, analytical services. We also collect hand swab from the suspected persons, handling food materials directly in order to give better service to the clientele.


    • Total bacterial count • Total fungal count • S.aureus • E. coli • Coliform etc.