3. Work Zone Air Monitoring - Drug, Food, Gas, Proficiency Laboratory Testing Services

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    Construction, Maintenance, Utility-work Activities, etc. are Work Zone Areas at Production Sites. It is typically marked by Signs, Channeling Devices, Barriers, and Pavement Markings.

    Periodical Monitoring of the Work Environment Ensures Safe Work Zone Air Quality. This is Critical as the Health of the Workers therein is directly affected by the Toxic Dust/ Fumes.

    EFRAC is one of the finest laboratories with state-of-the-art instrumentation and a highly skilled team of engineers for sampling and quantifying the Toxicity Level in the Work Area. We at EFRAC, provide accurate results on the Toxicity ratio in the work area for helping the clients to maintain the appropriate work environment.

    In order to retain data confidentiality and traceability, EFRAC’s equipment is compatible with LIMS which enables digitized integration of all the instruments through USFDA compliance software connected through a centralized server.

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    Work Zone Air Monitoring


    Parameters Covered

    • Sulphur Dioxide • Oxides of Nitrogen • Formaldehyde

    • Temperature • Humidity • Carbon Monoxide • Carbon Dioxide  • VOC & Semi-VOC • Total Dust • Metals • PCB and PAH • PM10 • PM 2.5

    Instruments Available

    • Hygrothermometer • Barometer • Multi-Gas Analyser  • Handy Sampler • VOC sampler • Air Sampler (Micro) • AAS-GTA/VGA • ICP-MS • HPLC-FLD • HS-GC-FID • LEL Meter • CO Analyser • UV Visible Spectrophotometer • Real Time-PCR

    Reference Methods / Standards

    • BIS • APHA Air • ASTM • NIOSH • OSHA • USEPA • WHO • ACGIH • ASHRAE • Factory Rules