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    Feed Water and Boiler Water Testing

    Boiler Water Treatment helps in minimalizing Corrosion, Deposition, and Carryover in the Water-Steam circuits. Feed Water Treatment is directly connected with Boiler Water Treatment as Feed Water Treatment is the pre-water testing process for preventing corrosion within the Boiler System. Boiler Water is the liquid water within pumps, piping, or boiler and the major purpose of Boiler Water Testing is that it can help in creating High-Quality Steam.

    Feed Water is purified and preheated and has been supplied to boilers for producing Hot Water and Steam Production. Generally, Feed Water can be found in Thermal Power Stations which have been referred to as Boiler Feed Water. The IS 10496 (1983) has been implemented several guidelines for appropriate maintenance of Feed and Boiler Water Treatment.

    EFRAC is NABL Accredited Testing and Analysis Centre with sophisticated Water Testing division. We at EFRAC, has been offering various ranges of Feed and Boiler Water Testing for Clients.

    At EFRAC, the World-Class Analytical Facility has been providing Accurate and Precise Results of Feed and Boiler Water Treatment as per the IS 10496 Regulations. The Highly Experienced Manpower of EFRAC covers all the Indian Standards throughout the Analysis and Testing of Feed and Boiler Water Treatment.

    Feed Water-efrac

    Water for Storage Batteries


    Components of Feed and Boiler Water

    • Taste • Oxygen (O2, mg/l) • Silica (SiO2, mg/l) • Iron + Copper (mg/l) • Oil (mg/l) • Phosphate • Dissolved Oxygen

    Parameters of Feed Water Testing

    • Total Hardness • pH Value • Residual hydrazine (N2H4) • Conductivity • Total Alkalinity • Total Dissolved Solids (TDS, mg/l)

    Parameters of Boiler Water Testing

    • Total Hardness • pH Value • TDS • Phosphate • Chloride


    • UV-VS Spectrophotometer
    • FT-IR
    • Hot Air Oven
    • pH Meter
    • RT-PCR
    • GC
    • LC
    • Drop Tester
    • Gas Chromatography


    • IS 10496
    • BIS
    • USEPA
    • APHA
    • ISO