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    Carbonated Beverage Industry

    The manufacturing of Carbonated Beverage includes definite stages of implementing counter-pressure filling system for adding gas into the liquid for making beverages. Carbonation is the scientific process of adding carbon-di-oxide gas within the beverages as well as to add the sparkle and tangy taste into the beverages. Carbonation involves the injection of gas into the water or to the liquid within a pressurized vessel. Generally, the carbonated beverage manufacturing industries implemented the Counter-Pressure Filling System for processing the carbonated beverages.
    Carbonation is one of the important process of Carbonated Beverage Testing as it helps in measuring the pressure of beverage container at a certain temperature level. Generally, the pressure of beverage container depends upon the ratio of dissolved CO2 and temperature level. Besides, soda testing, analysis of the organic acids in carbonated beverages is important as Acidulants helps in maintaining the flavour and freshness of the beverages.
    EFRAC is NABL Accredited Food and Research Analysis Centre offering Carbonated Beverage testing with World-Class Analytical Facility. EFRAC has highly experienced researchers providing carbonation testing for checking the quality and hygiene of the carbonated beverage manufacturing. Besides, these EFRAC is also analysing the quality of the manufactured Carbonated Beverages and also giving measurement solutions. At EFRAC the dedicated analytical team is equipped with the necessity state-of-the-art facilities and technical expertise to ensure complete food safety for future generations.


    • RT-PCR
    • ELISA
    • Microscope
    • Particle Size Analyser
    • 150 UV-VIS Spectrophotometer
    • TSC Analyser
    • Gas Chromatography


    • Colour • Odour • Taste • TDS • Turbidity in NTU • Purity Ratio of CO2 • pH


    • IS: 307 (1966)• ISO • ISBT • CGA • FSSR • Indian Pharmacopoeia