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    Edward Food Research & Analysis Centre Ltd (EFRAC) is an [a] Unique, State of the Art Laboratory accreditated [accredited] with ISO/IEC17025 (NABL) Standards and offers Testing Services on [a] Scientifically well equipped [well-equipped, International Standard] Platform of International Standards to cater to the needs of the Clients and the Regulatory Authorities with high level of Accuracy & Precision.

    Drug Administration ensuring Public Health and Hygiene is one of the Prime Concerns of the Government in all Countries, [worldwide] around the World. One of Prerequisites for [the] delivery of Healthcare is to ensure [the] Integrity and Quality of Essential Drugs as per International Standards.

    Regulators like WHO, USFDA, MHRA, CDSCO, etc. sets the Global Standards for the Quality, Safety Limits, Efficacy, and Purity of the Drugs and Pharmaceuticals both for human as well as [and for] Veterinary use.

    Laws have been laid down prescribing Stringent Measures to safeguard the Quality and Purity of Drugs & Medicines and for recognition of the Testing Laboratories. equipped with requisite Instrumentation Infrastructure with Good Laboratory Practices in order to Safeguard and Preserve the Limits, Doses, Purity, Strength of Drugs and use of Raw Materials & other Chemical Inputs and Reagents of High Purity and Quality in the Manufacturing of Drugs.

    In India, provisions have been made in the Drugs & Cosmetics (D & C) Rules, 1945 as amended in 2003 for Approval of Laboratories to carry out tests on Drugs & Raw materials used in their Manufacturing Schedule C & C (I) of Rule 150 C & Cosmetics prescribes the Requirements criteria in terms of Area, Manpower, Equipment and Instruments of Drugs for Approval of the Drug Testing Laboratories.

    EFRAC conducts Testing for the entire Range of Drug, Cosmetics Products & Raw Materials strictly following the Norms, Standards and General Principles that have been scientifically approved by Indian Drug Regulator (CDSCO) & Internationally by WHO , USFDA, MHRA, etc.

    Entire range of Drug Testing Processes at EFRAC, strictly fulfills the International Standards and thus EFRAC ensures Safe, Secured, Accurate, Legally Defensible and Reliable Data on Testing.

    [Rule 150 C of Drugs & Cosmetics (D & C) Rules, 1945 (with amendments) specifies requisite criteria (Area, Manpower, Equipment, and Instruments) to qualify for Approval as a legitimate Drug Testing Laboratory. The Rules also prescribe Stringent measures and procedures to safeguard the Quality and Purity of Drugs & Cosmetics manufactured. Thus Testing Laboratories equipped with requisite Instrumentation Infrastructure, adherence to Good Laboratory Practices, and usage of High Quality & Purity- Raw Materials, Chemical Inputs, and Reagents in operations are accorded approval to operate. Drug Quality is assured by ensuring that only those Drug Samples qualify for Certification which, post analysis, are deemed to have adhered to prescribed Limits, Doses, Purity, & Strength specified for each Drug

    EFRAC Tests the entire Range of Raw Materials, Cosmetics, and Drug Products by strictly complying with the Norms, Standards, and General Principles that have been scientifically approved by Indian Drug Regulator (CDSCO) & Internationally by WHO, USFDA, MHRA, etc.

    Each Drug Testing Process at EFRAC strictly fulfills all International Standards leading to the generation of Safe, Secured, Accurate, Legally Defensible, and Reliable Test Data.]

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